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Our Creative Director Dan picks a random track, our guest adds a track that they think of in response and explains the link, then they go back and forth for 10 tracks.


Senior Copywriter / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead at Leo Burnett

Track 1 > Groove Armada “Get Down (Feat Stush & Red Rat)”

DD: Kicking off proceedings with a blast of mid-00s Groove Armada…

Track 2 > Groove Armada “Superstylin’”

HP: Ahhh I love Groove Armada! Get Down reminds me of festivals and Carnival. Superstylin' transports me back to messy nights in a little bar in Clapham back in 2001 - everyone would go wild for it.

Track 3 > The Champs “Tequila”

DD: Great party track! I'm going super tenuous but keeping the good vibes up. One half of Groove Armada is Andy Cato, whose surname is an anagram of Taco, Mexican food that goes down well with a shot of Tequila! (which also links nicely to messy nights...) 

Track 4 > Chaka Khan “I Feel For You”

HP: From one 10-uous link to another - The Champs featured on an episode of Miami Vice, as did Chaka Khan, and I Feel for You is one of my 80s favourites. I love the vibe!

Track 5 > Prince “I Wanna Be Your Lover”

DD: Tune! Written by the genius greatest of all time Prince, I’ve added I wanna be your lover, the opening track on his second album that his version of I feel for you is from and as an added link both tracks were turned down by Patrice Rushen.

Track 6 > Patrice Rushen “Forget Me Nots”

HP: Got to love a bit of Prince! My favourite Patrice Rushen song has to be Forget Me Nots. Sampled by Will Smith for Men in Black, where he flipped the sentiment to suit the story.

Track 7 > Friendly Fires “Hawaiian Air”

DD: Classic tune. I've added "Hawaiian Air" by Friendly Fires, he sings about "watching a film with a talking dog", of which Men In Black is one.

Track 8 > Larrikin Love “Happy As Annie”

HP: Ah I love Friendly Fires! Jump in the Pool is my fave. Around the same time I was listening to Larrakin Love - they both have that energetic performance and stage presence that's perfect for live performances - so Happy as Annie is going to be my next choice.

Track 9 > Connie Constance “Prim & Propa”

DD: I've added "Prim & Propa" by Connie Constance, to keep up the alliteration running through Friendly Fires & Larrikin Love.

Track 10 > Bloc Party “Helicopter”

HP: Well this has been fun! I'll end with Helicopter by Bloc Party, as Connie covered it live on Radio 1's Future Sounds. Enjoy!

Massive thanks to Hayley for joining us on Top 10-uous playlist number 14!


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