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Our Creative Director Dan picks a random track, our guest adds a track that they think of in response and explains the link, then they go back and forth for 10 tracks.


Junior Strategic Planner at Wunderman Thompson & Founder of Noise Narrative

Track 1 - Caroline Rose "Feel The Way I Want"

DD: Soulful funk pop from Caroline Rose (great video too).

Track 2 - Lou Reed & John Cale "Nobody But You"

WM: Caroline Rose was born in Long Island, which is also where Lou Reed grew up. This track is an ode to his mentor, Andy Warhol, sung from the perspective of Andy.

Track 3 - Willie Hightower "Walk A Mile In My Shoes"

DD: Great track, as soon as this got to the chorus I started hearing the Joe South song "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" which has the same chord progression, so I have added Willie Hightower's cover of that.  Hightower also recorded a song called "Nobody But You" too.

Track 4 - Harry Nilsson "Me and My Arrow"

WM: Love that. Speaking of songs about empathy and accepting difference, the next track I’ve added to the playlist is “Me and My Arrow” by Harry Nilsson. It’s off his 1970 album The Point!. The record is a fable about a boy named Oblio, the only round-headed person in Pointed Village (where everything must have a point). Oblio had a dog, Arrow, and this is a song about their relationship. Interestingly, the album’s story was later turned into a TV series.

Track 5 - !!! "Throttle Service"

DD: Brilliant! I love Harry Nilsson, great background detail too. I'm going to go super tenuous and take the ! from the album title, add 2 more to get to the excellent !!! and their track "Throttle Service", I love the vocals on this.

Track 6 - Alabama 3 "Woke Up This Morning - Chosen One Mix"

WM: Liking the switch up! On the subject of throttles, the soundtrack to Tony Soprano driving his car round New Jersey in the opening credits of The Sopranos will always be a favourite theme tune of mine. I’ve gone for Alabama 3’s “Woke Up This Morning – Chosen One Mix”.

Track 7 - Awesome 3 "Don’t Go - Original Mix"

DD: Nice one, up next let's go from Alabama 3 to Awesome 3!

Track 8 - Ratatat "Cherry"

WM: A UK rave classic! I’m a big XL Recordings fan - another track that came out on that imprint is "Cherry" by Ratatat. This closing track on the New York duo’s self-titled debut album stops me in my tracks every time I hear it. The build-up and the climax/drop at around the 3-minute mark fill me with joy, sadness, nostalgia and hope all at once.

Track 9 - Cerrone “Cherry Tree"

DD: That track is an absolute beauty. Epic and life-affirming. Would have made a great playlist closer but as we have 2 more to go, I've followed it up with an early 80s disco banger by Cerrone, "Cherry Tree", which was sampled by indie-dance band Grand National on their 2004 album Kicking The National Habit.

Track 10 - efdemin "Parallaxis - Traumprinz’s Over 2 The End Version".

WM: That’s a real groover Dan, nice one! To go out in true tenuous style, I’ve digged out the Grand National winner from 2004, Amberleigh House, who was an unlikely winner at 16/1, but it was a close call at the finish. If you weren't looking directly down the finish line, you might have seen a different winner. Parallaxis is a physics theory that denotes the difference in apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. Something worth noting during tight races like the '04 Grand National. Resultantly (ish), my final track is Efdemin’s ‘Parallaxis - Traumprinz’s Over 2 The End Version’. A true stunner from start to finish.

Huge thanks to Will for joining us on Top 10-uous playlist number 12! Some fantastic links and tracks on here.

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