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Our Creative Director Dan picks a random track, our guest adds a track that they think of in response and explains the link, then they go back and forth until we end up with 10 tracks.


London based film director and Creative Director at Engine

Track 1 - Raf Rundell "Monstepiece"

DAN: Kicking off with the first single from one half of the 2 Bears second solo album. 

Track 2 - The Creatures "Miss The Girl"

DAVID: From monster to creature. The Creatures were a spin-off of Siouxsie and the Banshees – singer Siouxsie Soux and their drummer, Budgie, hence why most of their songs are just percussion and vocals. 

Track 3 - Mel Tormé "Right Now"

DAN: The Creatures did a great cover of "Right Now" by Mel Tormé so I've added his version of that as my next pick.

Track 4 - Was (Not Was) "Wheel Me Out - Long Version"

DAVID: As Mel featured on their album, Born to Laugh at Tornados.

Track 5 - The Waitresses "I Know What Boys Like"

DAN: Was (Not Was) ZE Records label-mates The Waitresses.

Track 6 - Television "Marquee Moon"

DAVID: Billy Ficca, the drummer in The Waitresses was also the drummer in Television.

Track 7 - T.Rex "Mambo Sun"

DAN: From moon to sun (I'd thought of linking to this track from Was (not was) via the dinosaur connection!).

Track 8 - David Bowie "Sound And Vision"

DAVID: Love T-Rex. My first ever album was by them.  This is very tenuous, but Marc Bolan was a 70s icon who gave his son an absurd rhyming name ‘Roland Bolan’. David Bowie was a 70s icon who gave his son an absurd rhyming name ‘Zowie Bowie’ (although, technically, Rolan’s surname is Field and Zowie is only the middle name of Duncan Jones).  Anyway, just an excuse to put Sound and Vision on the list.

Track 9 - Mary Hopkin - "The Puppy Song"

DAN: Mary Hopkin sang backing vocals on Sound and Vision, so I added The Puppy Song, which was written by Harry Nilsson and produced by Paul McCartney.

Track 10 - Hypnosis - "End Title (Blade Runner"

DAVID: Mary Hopkin appeared on the Blade Runner soundtrack, so I've gone for a cover of the film's end music by early 80s Italian band, Hypnosis. Italo-disco at its weirdest/finest!

Huge thanks to David for his time and fine track selections.

Check out some of his directorial work HERE.


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